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Event Branding

The Brief 

Working with an event name and details,
the task was to design a brand, website, and poster to reach the desired target audience.

Created With

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD,
and Wordpress

Beer Icon

The Approach

Notoberfest was created based on the real event, Oktoberfest. Drawing inspiration from the famous beer festival in Germany, the event would be similar with good food, festivities, and drinks. The target audience would be broad but mainly focused on young adults looking for a great time with good people. So, using bright colors and illustrations was key. 

What I Did

Using sketching, I came up with a list of components that would best represent this event. I continued working with a grid style that I thought would be a unique, interesting visual that could incorporate many colours and attractions. A large part of the process was laying out the pattern in an effective way with proper hierarchy. To top off the design, I added textures and shadows.

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Case Study

The Buccaneer Inn

The Brief

A local client looking to refresh their brand. Research brand history and competition, conceptualize a visual direction, create a logo, and complete a brand book including guidelines and collateral. 

What I Did

Branding, logo design, package design, illustration, typography, layout, and book design.

Created With

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,
and InDesign. 


About the client

The Buccaneer Inn is a small hotel located near downtown Nanaimo with beautiful ocean views and close attractions. As a family-owned and operated business, they take pride in keeping a high standard of cleanliness, quality, and customer service. The brand is in need of a fresh new identity to aid in reaching their goals of growing their business. 

Approach / Planning / Sketches

The project started with research, sourcing information from their website and past customers. With that, I created a brand brief to establish their audience and brand priorities. I worked from those and created multiple pages of sketches and ideas. The central theme of this project was ‘nautical’, so I attempted many sketches with that in mind from the start. I went a few different directions working with shapes, lines, and the name “Buccaneer”.


Exploration / Iterations

From all the sketches, the ones that stood out the strongest were the ones using a line pattern in a simple shape. They stuck with the ocean theme but showed lots of potential for a clean, eye-catching design. In this stage, I worked to find the right font to fit the name. I wanted something wavy and fun while still being professional and modern. This process included a lot of trial and error to find the right lockup for the name and icon to fit together seamlessly. This was a challenge because of the long title and the circle shape. I wanted the two to somehow interact with each other, but still have the option to be two separate entities if need be.

Design Solutions / Deliverables

For the final logo solution, a few things changed, such as using an outline instead of a filled background. It was mainly altered to help with effective contrast, especially layering four colours. After the last wordmark and icon tweaks were done, then came the process of using what I'd made to turn into multiple graphics for the second part of the project. The final project includes a logo with multiple variations, brand guidelines (colors, fonts, usage rules), and a brand book including multiple visuals for brand collateral such as stationery, exterior signage, branded packaging, key cards, etc. 

Soap Packaging
Card Holder
Asset 5_edited_edited.png

Stamp Design Team Canada

The Challenge

The task given for this project was to design a set of four cohesive Canada post stamps with a matching card that represents Canada at its finest. A recent Olympic gold medal game immediately became the inspiration for the art direction.

Created With

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


The Approach

To create four individual but matching pieces, I chose to use three different players and create one accent stamp with the whole team. The matching holder card needed to be unique while still being united with the stamps. It also needed to be a clean contrasting background. To put the stamps into context, I chose to include the Olympic rings on the card and added more colours than just red and grey.

What I Did

Based on photos of the games, I illustrated poses for each player and replaced the backgrounds with a maple leaf pattern to add depth. I Included the player names in a bold sans-serif to highlight each one.

Full card

Research project
The Monthly Gremlin

The Challenge

Create a set of informational resources that are directed at helping a current issue or need in the world. From many first and second-hand experiences, I chose to create something that could assist in fixing the lack of resources and education surrounding sex-ed, specifically menstruation. Even more specifically, the people who don’t experience it should still have the knowledge and awareness surrounding it.

Created With

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and XD.

Asset 5_edited_edited.png

The Approach

Starting with researching and collecting extensive information, it was then a process of elimination to narrow in on the important and useful facts that would be easily absorbed by my target audience. To target a younger male audience, I had to think about style and branding in a different way. Going the opposite direction from the common pink girly themes surrounding menstruation. To assist in displaying and explaining information, I created a brand and mascot based on a Gremlin. The gremlin is used to represent PMS and the negative effects having a period can cause that are simply uncontrollable. 

What I Did

Following research and the gremlin theme, I worked with six colours and two fonts to create a small pocket guide, an infographic, and a sticker set. This project was also continued into a website design in XD displaying all the same information in a flowable design. 

Gremlin Stylescape.png
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